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Introduction of Simairs


 Simairis a caste.


Belongs to muslim community.


Language:-    Sindhi


Permanent co-habitant of Sindh, (Province  of Pakistan.)

Mostly the “SIMAIR” caste is settled in

PanoAkil (District Sukkur),and their majority is residing in vill; "SULTANPUR,vill:"HASUL KHAN SIMAIR and vill: BARTH.


Most of the young generation of our caste is highly qualified,  reasonable number of them is working in education, police,law,health,forest,food,wapda,army,agriculture departments. Some of them are posted on even gazzatted posts of grade 17,18 and even 19.



Apart rom the Government jobs, several persons are having MBBS degree and running their private clinics.



OUR AREA is purely an agricultural area, 50% SIMAIRS are small khatedars/landlords and some of them are farmers, the remaining are holding deffrent type of businesses in the area.

SIMAIRS are educated and that is why, most of them are affiliated with political parties.




Important object of this website is to remain in contact with all “SIMAIR” persons, setteled in the entire world.

All “SIMAIRS” are invited to contact us.


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